In The problem comes when someone becomes

In this modern society, social media is like a bridge of interaction
with other people. Social media as like any website that allow people to
interact with each other and now social media is growing rapidly throughout the
world .There is no problem and wrong with using social media.  The problem comes when someone becomes
addicted to social media,  overspends
their time and as a result,  their bad
habits, serious affected their lives in negative way. The usage of social media
can affect each individual in different ways either in positive vibes or
negative vibes. If we spending time too much time on social media we will
become addicted to it, which can negatively impact a person.There are some
effects, causes, and ways to control the addiction of social media if we often
used social media in our daily life.


In this ancient time, family and friends can be the reason
why someone become addicted to social media. Parent nowadays make themself busy
with work and other things instead of monitor their child’s activity and hours
of spending their time together. As example, they always came home late and
never ask if their child have a good day or not. This things can make the child
felt lonely and they will decided to spend their time and focus more on social
media. This is how family can affect someone’s addiction in social media.
Friends also can be a bad influencer in someone’s life. Teenagers nowadays want
to keep up to date with their friends until they become addicted with the
social media. As emphasized by (Boyd , 2007), social networking not
only focused on one person only, but the combination on others people interest too.
Such as example, either on Facebook or Instagram, they race to get who can get
more likers on their photos that they updated, hence accidentally they become
more addicted on social media in order to chased the popularity. In fact, the
most used social media is Facebook (Courelas, 2014) . Thus, family
and friends plays an important role in someone’s life.

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Spending too much time on social media can give  bad effect on ourselves. When we spending more
hours in front of laptop or mobile phone, might be our personality can change
so we prone to be a vigorous person and lack of self-esteem. People who watch
or read about bad news will tend to try it because people in this era are full
of curiousity. When they spend time too much time  in front of laptop or phone mobile, they do
not have time to go outside and communicate with other people, so this will
lower their self-esteem too. Nevertheless, as (Scott, 2017) reported that,
adult and children usually felt under pressure when other people or users look
and react to their social media. On another hand, when they too attracted to
social media, it will make them distracted to make another important things
such as homework. It will reduce their productivity hence it will give  bad effects in their future. The uncontrolled
amount usage of social media in our life, will disturb our social activities,
hence more problem will come in our life (Mehmet, Çak?&Çetin,2016) .
In conclusion, in order to make our daily activities useful and productive, we
need to choose and plan our life beautifully because there are more to explore
and enjoy.


There are some ways how to control the addictions of using
social media.Limiting a daily usage is one of the way that may help to reduce
our usage of social media. Set a timer on your phone or watch whenever you
started surfing internet to limit the amount of time that you spend on social
media.This way will work on someone if that person do not add their time limit
whenever the time limit is finish. As mention by (Griffiths , 2013) in his
research journal,excessive usage of technologies may be lead to a problematic
young people so we need to be strong and do not be tempted to add on extra
time. In addition, taking a social media break  by deactivated your account and spend more time
together with our loved ones, one of the way that may work for those have
social media addiction. Instead of keeping up to date with your friends and
family members  lives through a screen,
lets spend time with them in the real world and make new memories. Younger
generation nowadays has grown up in a world that has been reliant on technology
as integral part of their life (Kuss &
Griffiths, 2017). Thus, we need to know what is the best way to control ourself
from being addicted to social media and practice it in our daily life



In a nutshell, there are some negative impact on the over
usage of social media that can lead to social media addiction.Too often used it
can give bad effects and can harmful ourselves. People on our surrounding can
also influence someone to social media addiction but there are some ways how to
control this addictive habit. Thus, addicted to social media is not a good
habit to practice in our daily life.